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Team CoGri Work Together @ Amazon

CoGri Group is a family of international warehouse and industrial floor solution specialists, who have over a quarter of a century of experience in the design, surveying, grinding and upgrading of industrial concrete floors. They are global leaders in the industrial flooring industry, and are made up of three separate companies: Concrete Grinding – floor [...]


Topping Slab For The Worlds Largest Port Handler

CoGri Asia Pacific have recently completed a large project with Sanchoon Builders at the Port of Singapore Authority (PSA) in the West of Singapore. Located at Pasir Panjang, a new warehouse extension has been erected at the port, and the floor was constructed by CoGri Asia Pacific. They used their long strip methodology to construct a bonded concrete [...]


CoGri Floor is Best For Dangerous Goods Areas

CoGri Asia Pacific (CGAP) delivered a 7,200m2 CoGri floor for Swiss transport company Bertschi AG recently, at their dangerous goods warehouse in Jurong Island, Singapore. Bertchi AG is a well known provider of logistics and transport for the chemical industry, and with a warehouse containing racking which stood at 17m high, CGAP advised them that the correct solution [...]


A CoGri Floor Is The Cream Of The Crop

CoGri Asia Pacific Pte Ltd (CGAP) have signed a contract with a food product firm in East Java, Indonesia which will give them a CoGri floor at their new premises P.T. Lautan Natural Krimerindo (P.T. LNK), are a food and beverage company that specialise in non-dairy creamer products, and are opening a new warehouse in [...]


Quality Floor Construction Seminar in China

CoGri China had a prominent role to play in the Quality Floor Construction Seminar, in Shanghai recently. The event was jointly organized by industry leaders to highlight nationally the importance of good quality floors. Chief expert of the China Flooring Association, Mr. Liu, opened proceedings with a speech that pointed out that a floor is [...]


Making A Stand At China International Logistics Equipment & Technology Exhibition

Leading international warehouse and industrial flooring specialists, CoGri Group, exhibited at the 6th Let China exhibition (China International Logistics Equipment& Technology Exhibition) from June 16th to 18th, in Guangzhou China. At the show, CoGri and FACE China exhibited their unique solutions and technologies. CoGri China introduced the green VNA upgrading solution with the patented CoGri Laser [...]