Yusen Logistics – a bespoke floor upgrade paves the way for automation

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Yusen Logistics – a bespoke floor upgrade paves the way for automation

Yusen Logistics Warehouse FloorYusen Logistics are a global freight forwarding and logistics company with a presence in 42 countries and a warehousing footprint of over 2.2 million square metres.

In conjunction with Swisslog, Yusen Logistics installed a light goods automated storage and retrieval system for their Warehouse in Tuas, Singapore. The innovative AutoStore system includes approximately 16,595 space for stored items and utilizes autonomous robots.

Mr Francis Kwa, Head of Contract Logistics, Yusen Logistics said “This investment enables Yusen to deliver five times more put-away and retrieval throughput without increasing current operating headcount cost. Storage volume is doubled in the same storage space in the warehouse. Doubling the volume of storage capacity within the current footprint coupled with productivity gains is the means to gain a competitive edge in a global economy that is being disrupted by technology. This investment is one of the many innovations Yusen is embarking on to become a truly global total logistics provider”. 1

Yusen Logistics approached CoGri Asia when it became apparent that they would need to upgrade their existing floor in order to take full advantage of the AutoStore system. Mr. Tim Walker, Regional Manager for CoGri in South East Asia said “Like many of the ASRS systems we come across the AutoStore had some very specific requirements around floor flatness and levelness and didn’t necessarily fit a ‘cookie cutter” approach. Working together with the client project team we were able to develop a bespoke solution that I believe perfectly fits the requirements”.

Like most of the logistics property in Singapore, the Yusen Warehouse in Tuas is multi-storey. Tim said “for this project we applied our bonded topping technology as the basis for upgrading the floor. We have a very strong track record of using this approach here in Singapore where we construct hundreds of thousands of square metres of multi-storey warehousing every year. We are able to quickly deliver large areas of floors that are extremely durable and low maintenance, and built to exacting flatness tolerances”.

1 original quote attribution from Swisslog press release