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CoGri Asia are Industrial Floor Specialists

New or Existing Floor
CoGri Asia Ltd (formerly Laser Grinder Asia Ltd) specialises in the building and upgrading of floors in new and existing VNA warehouse units and Distribution Centres.

CoGri Asia operates as a regional hub, providing complete flooring solutions through its Strategic Business Units (SBUs); CoGri Asia Pacific Pte Ltd based in Singapore, CoGri Malaysia Sdn Bhd based in Malaysia and CoGri Korea Co Ltd based in South Korea.

CoGri Asia are the most experienced Specialist Concrete Flooring Contractor operating in the region today. With a full range of Hi-Tech Equipment, and an experienced and qualified team of professionals, CoGri Asia are able to provide a full range of High Quality Concrete Flooring Services and Cost Effective solutions, from SuperFlat Floor Construction, Large Pour Floor Construction to Specialist Floor Upgrades.

Who Is CoGri Asia Flooring

To provide and offer the latest solutions and technologies to clients helping them to maximise their warehouse floor efficiently.
In our opinion the floor is the most important part of the building. Look after the floor and it will look after your operation.
We understand the principles behind a good quality floor whether it concerns new floors, floor repairs or floor upgrades. We have a wealth of experience, knowledge and expertise which complement our understanding of the modern warehouse operation to provide the best solution that meets clients’ individual needs.
We pride ourselves in being able to solve problems and work with you towards successful completion of the project.


About the CoGri Group

CoGri Asia and its SBUs are part of the CoGri Group, a consortium of international industrial floor solution specialists. The CoGri Group has 25 years global experience in the Design, Construction and Upgrading of Industrial Concrete floors. For more information, please visit cogrigroup.com

CoGri Asia