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Superflat Laser Grinding

Laser Grinding ServiceConverting an existing warehouse to narrow aisle or need to upgrade a new floor that doesn’t meet specification? Grind it right!

The patented Laser Grinder ® is a proven solution and guaranteed to deliver a specification compliant floor. Grinding is a one time investment unlike overlays and toppings. Floors upgraded by laser grinding are not subject to cosmetic damage, delamination, or blisters. Only one aisle is required at a time and upon completion of grinding the floor is ready for immediate service.

Laser Grinding is a clean, quick and a very effective way of achieving the desired level of floor flatness, while offering little or no disruption to the ongoing warehouse activities.

The Laser Grinder ® can provide economical Wheel Track or Whole Aisle Width solutions for maximum flexibility.

When considering floor grinding, beware of the consequences of accepting imitations. CoGri Group pioneered VNA floor grinding technology and have upgraded more than 25,000 meters of aisles in Asia since 1993.

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Grind it right the first time with our patented Laser Grinder ® System.
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SuperFlat Fastrack Laser Screed ®/Laser Grind

CoGri Asia SuperFlat Fastrack Laser Screed ®/Laser Grind solution takes the flooring works off the critical path.

Using a combination of the Laser Screed® and Laser Grinder ®, Superflat floors can be constructed 5 times as fast as the traditional methods without a cost premium.