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Concrete Grinding with the Laser Grinder

Converting an existing warehouse to narrow aisle or need to upgrade a new floor that doesn’t meet specification? Grind it right!

The patented Laser Grinder ® is a proven solution and guaranteed to deliver a specification compliant floor. Concrete Grinding is a one time investment unlike overlays and toppings. Floors upgraded by laser grinding are not subject to cosmetic damage, delamination, or blisters. Only one aisle is required at a time and upon completion of grinding the floor is ready for immediate service.

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Grind it right the first time with our patented Laser Grinder ® System.
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Laser Grinder

Benefits of the Laser Grinder ®

  • Floors upgraded by the Laser Grinder ® are not susceptible to cosmetic damage, delamination or blisters.
  • Guaranteed to achieve all international industry standards: TR34 & TR34 Appendix C, ACI Fmin, DIN 15185, EN 15620 and VDMA Guideline.
  • Total Flexibility with a choice of grinding options to suit all VNA forklift trucks; 2 tracks, 3 tracks or whole aisle width.
  • We can meet the specification by only correcting errors in floor surface regularity, rather than grinding the whole aisle from end to end.
  • There is no inconvenience to warehouse operations, and no need to re-locate or protect stock in the aisles being ground.
  • Safely used in operational food and pharmaceutical storage facilities – even in sub – zero temperatures.
  • The Laser Grinder ® can grind through bolts up to 12mm thick and metal joints that fall within the required ground path.
  • A completely self sufficient machine, with no tailing of high voltage cables or water pipes – ensuring very safe working practise.
  • No requirement for three phase power or generators – therefore no hidden electricity charges.
  • Powered by one of the cleanest diesel engines fitted with a catalystic convertor, allowing normal warehouse activity to continue.
  • Waste product is instantly vacuumed away and collected in a mobile waste container – no dust is created.
  • Constantly checks and maintains the correct path during the grinding process – accurate within fractions of a millimetre.
  • Each path is ground flat across its width to ensure that each VNA forklift truck wheel makes full contact with the floor surface