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Concrete Repair

A Concrete Slabs Joints are Often the Greatest Source of Maintenance Problems in Warehouse or Industrial Floors!

Floor Joints are in fact controlled cracks in concrete slabs. They should be designed and positioned to allow the floor to move without restraining that movement. Early life drying shrinkage and long term thermal changes are the main causes of concrete floor joint movement.

Floor Joints are designed and positioned to allow movement in concrete floors, without restraining that movement as that could lead to random cracking. Joint sealant should be rigid enough to provide support and protection to the concrete arrisses but it must also accommodate the anticipated movement in the floor whilst remaining bonded to at least one face of the joint.

Our Service – We will pay particular attention to:

  • Expansion, Contraction, Construction or Induced concrete floor joint failure
  • Load Transfer Capability
  • Surface breakdown or delamination
  • Shrinkage cracking – plastic / drying / thermal / structural
  • Choice of Concrete Slab Repair Materials
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We have developed methods and repair materials to tackle all types of floor joint and floor usage, with the aim to providing the best quality repairs and with minimal disruption to the client’s operation.
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Concrete Repair Services

Narrow Joint Re-Seal or Crack Repair (Type 1 Repair)

Narrow Joint Reseal Crack Repair

Wide Joint Re-Seal (Light Duty Only) (Type 2 Repair)

Wide Joint Reseal

Floor Joint Arris Repair (Type 3 Repair)

Floor Joint Arris Repair

Steel Angle Joint Repair Detail (Type 3 Special)

Steel Angle Joint Repair Detail

Steel (Alpha) Joint Repair Detail (Type 3 Special)

Steel Alpha Joint Repair

Steel “Omega” Joint Repair Detail (Type 3 Special)

Steel omega joint repair detail

Floor Surface Repair (Type 4A Repair)

Surface Repair

Surface Patch Repair (Type 4B Repair)

Surface Patch Repair

Floor Bolt “Topping Off” Repair (Type 5A Repair)

Floor Bolt Topping off Repair

Concrete Floor Bolt Repair (Type 5B Repair)

Floor Bolt Repair

Typical Dowelled Slab Repair (Type 6 Repair)

Typical Dowelled Slab Repair

Concrete Joint Load Transfer Repair

Joint Stabiliser Repair