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Demarcation Line Marking Removal

By the “Soda-Jet” non-destructive systems.

This method is a non-destructive system which can easily remove painted demarcation line marking and many other materials from warehouse and industrial floor surfaces without the use of Solvents, Sand Blasting or Wire Brushing.

  • Fast, Safe and Environmentally Friendly using only Air, Water, and Sodium Bicarbonate.
  • Can be used on Concrete floors, Ceramic tiles and Terrazzo toppings in Industrial, Commercial, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Food Production, and ‘Clean’ environments.
  • Dust-free, Taint-free, Odour-free and can be used without the need to ShutDown or Seal-Off.
  • Non-aggressive, Non-toxic, Non-abrasive and Non-flammable.
  • Highly Cost Effective and does not result in additional, follow-on, remedial or make-good work or costs.


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