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Pumped Screed Flooring

The Pumped Screed Floor System is the ideal solution for time critical upgrading of workshop, factory and general warehouse floors.

The finished screed is durable, tough and abrasion resistant. Placed at a minimum thickness of 7mm; up to 1,000m2 of floor can be resurfaced per day. The rapid setting structural screed (30N/mm2) is ready for traffic in less than 24 hours.

The CoGri Australia’s screed system can be given a clear finish or sealed with epoxy in a variety of colours. When a coloured sealer is selected, the screed can be pigmented to closely match the coating which helps camouflage wear and tear. Pigmented screeds can also be finished with a clear sealer as an architectural solution

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For quick application in areas and situations where downtime is at a premium.
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Pumped cement screeding

What are the Benefits of using Floor Screed?

  • Fast track installation.
  • Provides an extremely tough and durable hard wearing surface.
  • Leaves an attractive smooth finish.
  • Fast setting (foot traffic within 2-3 hours).
  • Large area application (up to 1000sqm a day).
  • Environmentally friendly (solvent free).
  • Can be over coated, or have floor coverings applied once set.
  • Coloured screeds available.
  • Can be polished to provide a gloss finish that is easy to maintain.

Where can I use Floor Screed?

  • Refurbish and renovate old damaged concrete floors.
  • Provide a hard wearing screed to new concrete floors.
  • For quick application in areas and situations where downtime is at a premium.
  • Where environmental matters are important.
  • Due to the floor screeds anti static properties, floor screeds can be applied in plant rooms and laboratories where the risk of static build up needs to be eliminated.
  • For floors that require a more attractive and professional finish.
  • Commercial areas that desire an industrial look.