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Wire Guidance

wire guidance systemCoGri Australia offer a complete wire guidance installation service for the guidance of Very Narrow Aisle trucks or AGV systems.When choosing to go to a Very Narrow Aisle storage setup, the user is offered a choice of rail or wire guidance for control of the MHE when in the aisle. When operating on an appropriate quality floor wire guidance offers several advantages:

  1. Eliminate bottom rack beam
  2. Easier cleaning under racking
  3. Less wear and tear on MHE due to banking into rails at start of aisle
  4. High volume or pick items can be placed by pallet jack
  5. Lower long term maintenance costs on in aisle guidance

MHE vehicles are equipped at the factory with a pair of sensors one on each end of the truck which are connected to a control system that locks the steering when in the aisle. These sensors detect a low frequency signal from a wire embedded in the floor.

CoGri provide wire guidance installation services for VNA trucks as well as AGV systems. Wire alignment, constant depth, movement detailing, and conductor protection are critical to a safe and durable system. If you are looking at a new warehouse and considering Wire Guidance, or need repairs to an existing system call CoGri for a free installation quotation.