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October 4, 2018

Upgrading a warehouse floor with FASTFLOOR-IT
1. Preparation Completed.

CoGri Australia recently completed filling over 1200 SQMs of industrial pump screed to fill tracks originally ground into a concrete slab when the floor was upgraded to operate narrow aisle fork trucks to meet the Fmin75 specification.

8 aisles, 90m long by 1.8m wide were originally laser ground over eight years ago for Ikea for their very narrow aisle operation. Ikea recently vacated the facility in Moorebank and the new international tenant required the aisles be filled in to return the warehouse slab back to standard random traffic operation. CoGri’s unique FASTFLOOR-IT Industrial Screed System was mechanically pumped to fill the ground paths back to the floors original profile.

Screed Applied
2. Screed Applied.

The laser ground tracks varied in depth between 1mm and as much as 20mm, where the floor was below 8mm, CoGri scabbled down the concrete surface to achieve the required depth / thickness for the screed system. In all 4 x 10 cubic skips of existing concrete was removed from the eight aisles. Each aisle was then primed with over 2000 bags of FASTFLOOR-IT screed used to fill the aisles.

Finished Screeded Floor
3. Finished Product.

FASTFLOOR-IT screed provides AR1 special abrasion resistance, whilst providing a consistent, light colour for greater light reflectivity. Over 1000 SQMs can be pumped in a day and returned to service in just 24 hours. It can be used to upgrade any internal or external concrete floor, whether it be to create a flatter, smoother surface, repair a damaged concrete surface or to simply improve aesthetics of a warehouse, this is an ideal solution to upgrade any concrete floor.

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