CoGri USA Expands its Specialised Industrial Concrete Floor Services to Western America

October 23, 2023

CoGri USA - Industrial Flooring Specialist Expands to West AmericaThe CoGri Group recently opened a new office in Western America and immediately started working on an AutoStore™ project in Aurora, Colorado, for a well-known chain of discount retail stores operating across the United States.

The new CoGri USA office, which opened in Phoenix, Arizona on the 1st of July 2023, will specialise in industrial concrete floor design, repair, and upgrade services across the western states. This now enables our first American office, based in Kennesaw, Georgia, to concentrate on Eastern ventures.

Flat Floors Throughout the USA

The new Phoenix office and dedicated team of concrete flooring experts were considered essential due to a continuously growing demand for efficient and productive flat floors throughout the nation.

We are proud to be able to cover the entire USA from the two offices and bring our internationally recognised and trusted concrete flooring solutions to distribution centres, retail outlets, manufacturing units, warehouses, and automated warehouse facilities.

Excellence in Industrial Flooring Using a Collaborative Approach

Floor Grinding for AutoStore System - Aurora, Colorado
1. Floor Grinding for AutoStore™ System

Our commitment to excellence is evident in the Aurora AutoStore™ project, which commenced on schedule and is progressing seamlessly, thanks to our adept team’s collaborative approach.

At CoGri USA, we relish working alongside fellow industrial professionals such as project managers/main contractors, and we are renowned for our adaptability, ensuring project success even in the most challenging conditions.

Meeting Stringent Flooring Specifications for Automated Systems

CoGri USA, Phoenix, is also involved in other projects for the same client across the US. Whilst in this instance, we are working directly with the client, this is often not the case as integrators or automation companies frequently approach us to ensure that floors in warehouses meet the exacting flooring specifications required by robotics systems, whether by industrial floor design, testing, or surveying methods.

Floor Surveying and Laser Grinding in the US for Productive Warehouse Floors

Laser Grinding Project
2. Laser Grinding Project

Other assignments already underway include a laser grinding project, as well as floor surveying jobs in California and neighbouring states

The floor surface regularity of your warehouse can frequently be the difference between a highly productive operation and an inefficient one. Often, such issues remain unaddressed until they become costly and challenging to rectify.

The CoGri USA team of specialist flooring solution providers are always happy to offer advice and guidance for your concrete flooring problems.

Simply call (602) 675-1163, email, or explore our comprehensive solutions at

We look forward to connecting with you and discussing how CoGri USA provide flooring solutions to achieve exceptional results. Your success is our priority.

CoGri USA – Delivering Cost-effective and Productive Warehouse Floors Across America.

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