Repair, Refurbishment, & Concrete Polish Finish for End of Lease Dilapidations

February 14, 2024

Smoothing Warehouse Floor For Large Sports Fashion Retailers Autostore Installation

About The Client:

The client is a leading commercial and industrial refurbishment specialist working with offices and industrial spaces.

The Situation:

Grinding Floors into Compliance for an AMR System

Dilapidated Warehouse Floor
1. Dilapidated Warehouse Floor

Our client approached us regarding one of their projects in Birmingham requiring building refurbishment as part of end of lease dilapidations work.

Our brief was to repair and refurbish the floor of the 3,754 m2 area, delivering a floor system that would both enhance the appearance of the slab and the performance, ensuring it was ready for the next occupant.

The Process:

After the demolition work was complete and the floor area cleared, the floor repairs started. These were shortly followed by the grind and polish application, which was required to provide an impressive finished surface on the concrete floor slab.

A significant part of the floor repair package was the removal of over 3,000 fixings bolts from the previous tenant’s racking system. The bolts were removed by over-coring and the subsequent void filled with CoGri Fastfloor IT industrial wearing system.

Warehouse Floor Repair
2. Warehouse Floor Repair

Surface patch repairs, concrete joint repair, and re-seal details were completed using CoGri Arris Repair Mortar and CoGri Rapid Seal joint sealant products, suitable for heavy duty trafficked floors.

As the repair works drew towards completion the team moved onto delivering our Industrial Polished Concrete finish to the floor surface.

After the initial stage providing a sample area of the proposed finish was approved, the grind and polish application was completed using our ride-on power trowel system.

Within the system stages we apply CoGri Densifier and CoGri DenPro, which help to improve the durability of the concrete floor surface, as well as enhancing the finished appearance of the floor.

The Results

The benefits of using a specialist flooring contractor

Completed Polished Concrete Floor
3. Completed Polished Concrete Floor

CG Flooring Systems understand concrete floors and how they are used.

This enables us to offer unparalleled advice which, combined with our many years of experience, means all projects are finished to the ultimate high quality standard.

Therefore, ensuring added value to your project.

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