Supply Chain & Logistics Networking Event in Dubai

June 1, 2008

FACE Middle East Fzc (FACE ME) and Somero Enterprises Inc (Somero) sponsored the Supply Chain and Logistics Group (SCLG) Special Networking Event, held at the World Trade Centre, Dubai, in February.

During the networking meeting attendees heard presentations by two of the prime movers behind the Construct-A-Slab Alliance, Kevin Dare, Managing Director, of FACE ME and Andrew Keen VP-Sales, Somero.

Kevin spoke about the critical elements of floor design, measurement and joint detailing. The topics included internationally recognised flooring standards, US ASTM (F Number), German DIN standard and the UK Concrete Society TR34 standard. The TR34 Standard is arguably the best standard for specifiers and contractors to adopt, because it clearly demarks the two kinds of floor used in Industrial Slabs, Free Movement (FM) and Defined Movement (DM).

Andrew spoke about the benefits of mechanisation, which means that floors are constructed up to 4 times faster than conventional methods. This is great for the building operator, because the facility can be opened faster. Somero’s presentation exhibited various concrete floor construction methods using their placing equipment, the Laser Screed® for Flat slab, Grades (dual/compound), 3-D Profiler System, CopperHead and PowerRake machinery.

Both presentations addressed the issues on the best methods for the design and construction of concrete flooring, highlighting key benefits such as increased warehouse productivity (throughput), and reducing floor, and truck maintenance.

FACE ME and Somero have established separate offices in Dubai, to support the expansion of the Concrete Flooring industry in the Middle East, particularly in the Gulf Corporation Council (GCC) area.

FACE ME and Somero continue to champion best practice in the construction of concrete industrial floors, reinforcing performance specifications based on industry acknowledged standards, promoting the measurement, and adherence to specification.

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