Face Consultants China in Onsite Training and Floor Testing Demo

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Face Consultants China in Onsite Training and Floor Testing Demo


Face Consultants China provided onsite training and regularity testing for a Mega-demo in Qingdao in May, to educate visitors on global floor standards and digital floor testing.

During the five-day Mega-demo, around 180 people from various
industries participated in an onsite seminar and visited the construction and testing demo.

James Hong of Face Consultants China gave speeches on floor standards, testing methods and Face digital equipment, with a combination of China’s situation and practice. Excited discussions followed between famous developers, owners and management companies.

Floor Testing Presentation

David Shi presented free movement floor testing by Face digital Property F Meter and Face Digital F-Speed Reader, and specified key points and process of onsite testing. Visitors liked the Face digital equipment and its efficiency.
Face Consultants stated that with the development of mechanical construction and contractors’ competency, the quality of concrete floors in China is quickly catching up to what you find overseas.

The promotion and popularisation of advanced floor standards and testing methods will definitely accelerate improvements to concrete floor quality and a healthy industry development in China.

If you’d like to know more about our flooring services, contact Face Consultants China on +86-21-5210 2903 or by email: info@face-consultants.com.cn. If you’re based outside China, contact the UK office on +44 (0) 1484 600080, or email: info@cogrigroup.com 

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