Fastrack Joint Repairs Keep Esterform Moving

May 7, 2019

Fastrack Joint RepairCG Flooring Systems were challenged by Esterform Packaging to complete repairs to their floor whilst they were still operating all within a one-day window.

About The Client:

Esterform Logo
Esterform is the UK’s largest producer and supplier of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) moulded bottles to the beverage and household product market.

The Situation:

Damaged Floor Arris
1. Damaged Floor Joint.

Esterform’s operation runs 24/7 364 days a year with automated guided vehicles (AGV’s) running in fixed routes around the warehouse. They had upgraded to the AGV’s earlier in the year but were unable to run at full speed due to the poor condition of the floor joints. The joints were pretty wide, averaging around 20mm, causing the AGV wheels to impact on the exposed arris edge of the joint. This results in damage to the slab edges, which in turn ensures a bumpy ride for the AGV’s as they pass over the joints.

The Solution:

Joint Arris Repair In Progress
2. Arris Repair In Progress.

A plan was agreed to complete a total of 70 linear metre of arris repair within a day shift diverting the AGV’s until areas had been completed to keep the operation running whilst carrying out the repairs. Using CoGri Rapid Mender, our fast curing, industrial repair mortar, which can be opened to traffic within one hour of application, ensured we could complete the task within the operational window, with confidence.

“All the work was carried out professionally to a high standard and in the allocated time scale with no impact on the production. Michael Feast instigated a follow up meeting with Esterform to ensure we were satisfied with the work done. We would use CG Flooring in the future”.
Craig Alsop, Electrical Engineer, Esterform

The Results:

As soon as the joint repairs were completed, the floor was opened to traffic and it wasn’t long before the AGV’s were running at optimum speed across the floor. Of particular note was how quiet and smooth the ride was over the new joint arris repair details.

Summary Of Services Provided:

Arris Repair Results
3. Completed Arris Repair.

CG Flooring Systems repaired the damaged joints with our tried and tested arris repair detail, using our premium quality CoGri repair materials.

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Watch The Joint Arris Repair At Esterform

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