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June 1, 2008

CG Flooring Systems (CGFS) provided the perfect solution to a flooring problem for a multi-metal and steel stockholder, Aalco, at their Halesowen plant.

Aalco contacted CGFS with their flooring brief which required an initial survey. The recommendation by CGFS was for slab and joint repairs, to be followed by the installation of a 10mm fast track cementitious pump screed for the warehouse flooring area.

It was discovered during the initial slab repairs that the concrete slab was not thick enough or strong enough to meet the client’s future operating requirements. The typical thickness is 150mm, however, the floor was only 75 mm in the areas that required repair and this was not suitable for sustaining heavy MHE traffic, particularly over the floor joints.

CGFS submitted a proposal to affect a proper repair. Core samples were taken around the area to determine the slab depth at which 3 problematic areas were identified. CGFS’s new proposal was accepted by all and this allowed the work to be completed with minimum disruption to the client. The already fostered good relationship between CGFS, the client and the client’s representative, Stephen Buxton Associates, enabled a timely resolution to the problem.

Due to the time frame and client’s stipulation for the warehouse to remain operational, CGFS started working on the solution over two weekends.

The first weekend involved breaking out the floor area to 180mm deep. The areas were then saw cut for sharp arris edges, where dowel bars were inserted to the arris edges as a load transfer mechanism. Damp Proof Membrane (DPM) and reinforcement mesh were installed to each of the areas prior to pouring a rapid strength concrete floor. The process offered an additional intensity to the floor capacity.

The final weekend included surface preparation by shot blasting and diamond grinding to ready the floor for installation of the industrial flooring system. A 10mm cementitious fast floor system was then installed to 1135 sq m in one day. The floor dried within 3 to 4 hours and the new floor was ready for operation on Monday morning.

CGFS’s standard procedures which included full diagnostics, cohesive communication practice ethos, and a keen eye for details meant that they were able to offer the best solution and service to their client needs first time.

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