A High Tolerance Concrete Flooring Collaboration

November 23, 2020

High tolerance Floor Survey - Al Avon - Face Middle East
1. High tolerance Floor Survey.

Face Middle East have successfully completed the design and supervision of a 6,000m2 industrial flooring project in Dubai South.

High Tolerance Concrete Floors

Profileograph - High Tolerance Concrete Floor Construction
2. Profileograph – Concrete Floor.

Face Middle East have once again supported Al Avon General Contracting on a project requiring a high tolerance floor where both Defined and Free Movement flatness classifications were essential for the safe and efficient operation of the facility.

With a reputation as one of the market leaders in the design and construction of VNA warehouses, Al Avon’s mutual relationship with Face Middle East stretches back over a decade, with both parties bringing their expertise to the table for the ultimate benefit of the end user, a document storage services provider.

On-site support and Quality Control/Testing

Face were on-site for each day of casting and also tested the previous days’ slab(s) for flatness compliance. Having Face on site ensured that performance was consistently monitored; the levels were accurate, the concrete mix quality and consistency was maintained, and that all good working practices were adhered to throughout the construction process each day.

Design Compliant Floor

High Tolerance Concrete Floor Middle East
3. High Tolerance Concrete Floor.

Finally, everyone involved with the project can be assured that they have a design compliant floor that will perform for many years without issue. Face see the floor as the tabletop on which the entire warehouse operates. Without a “fit for purpose” floor, all other elements of the warehouse operation (racking, Materials Handling Equipment and in-aisle guidance systems) will not operate as intended and at their optimum levels.

Project Details

Project Location: Dubai South
Area: 6,000m2 (approx.)
End User: Document self-storage facility
Flatness: DM2 within all VNA – as per TR34 – 4th Edition
  FM2 in all other areas – as per TR34 – 4th Edition
PI Insurance: Standard 10 year against design liability

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Face Middle East specialise in the design, on site contractor support/consultancy, and testing of industrial concrete floors for Free and Defined Movement operations, to the latest international standards, whether TR34, DIN or the American F number specifications.

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