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December 1, 2013

Concrete Grinding have been extremely busy in the last quarter with men and machines working and moving all over the world, a logistical challenge that tested the team’s ability to the limit!

After completion of a Laser Grinding contract for CoGri Korea, the Laser Grinder® was sent back to Australia to complete a project for CoGri Australia. The facility for a manufacturer of construction cranes, earth moving and mining equipment was being upgraded to very narrow aisle (VNA) which will operate Linde wire guided trucks. The team carried out 3 wheel track grinding to 4 aisles at 30m (120m in total) to TR34 (Appendix C) DM2 specification. The Laser Grinding was completed after rack installation. Once this project was completed, the Laser Grinder® was mobilised to USA.

In Singapore, three Laser Grinders were dispatched to a couple of sites, one to carry out CoGri Asia’s first Laser Screed / Laser Grinder® project and the other to complete a VNA upgrade. Due to the high volume of work and a stringent deadline, 2 of the 3 Laser Grinders were sent from CoGri Middle East and the UK to help complete the projects.

We made a long-awaited return to America to work on a few substantial projects. Marketing efforts have led to an increasing number of enquiries via the website with one of these converting to our first project in the US where we have been absent from for a while. Working for a leading children’s wear firm in the US, the contract entailed 2 wheel track grinding to 10 aisles at 103m each and whole aisle width grinding to 3 wide aisles, also at 103m each, to the American Fmin 60 floor flatness specification. The client was so happy with our work there that we have been asked to grind an extra 280m at another facility.

The buoyant market in US also set in motion a partnership with a sole agent in the region. We have already secured a considerable Laser Grinding project, in excess of 600,000 USD, as a result of this joint venture. CoGri is due to set up an office there next year.

Other grinding jobs in the past 3 months included completion of Laser Grinding projects in Germany, France, and the UK where we ground 22 aisles in 2010 and was re-commissioned to grind an additional 7 aisles as part of their VNA expansion plan.

2014 is already looking to be just as busy as we will end 2013, including our first project in Columbia.

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