LGA Logis to Overlay Competitors Floor!

June 1, 2008

LGA Logis (LGAK) has recently completed a contract for the construction of an 8,600 m2 FM2 Topping Slab for Prologis Korea.

LGAK was first involved in the project after Prologis requested a Condition Survey to a newly purchased warehouse in 2006.

The second storey slab was of particular concern to Prologis and included an area of Ground Supported Slab and an adjacent area of Suspended Slab.

The Condition Survey confirmed that although the slab had been constructed by one of the leading Flooring Contractors in Korea, the quality was way below the requirements of Prologis and would require substantial repair work.

Defects included:

  • Poor Abrasion Resistance and Dusting to the Suspended Slab.
  • A worryingly thin slab with thickness varying between 130 and 195 mm.
  • Poor Floor Flatness and Levelness – Face Consultants Korea was engaged by Prologis to check the Suspended Slab area and it failed FM3 with a maximum Property 4 reading of 24 mm.
  • Mid Panel Cracking – due to the spacing of Induced Joints being 8 m and/ or the poor control of Sub-Base levels.
  • Dominant Induced Joints which opened up to 16 mm wide and combined with a low dosage of Steel Fibres gives a high risk of differential settlement occurring under heavy loading.

After considering a Pump Screed solution – proposed by LGAK with CG Flooring Systems and Laser Grinding for a potential client who was contemplating using VNA, Prologis decided that a Concrete Topping Slab would provide the best solution.

LGAK constructed the Topping Slab using a combination of Laser Screed and Copperhead.

The development of this project demonstrates the range of high quality, value added services and solutions which the CoGri Group can offer its global clients.

In early 2008, LGAK will construct a 15,000 m2 floor for the first Prologis new build warehouse in Korea. The floor will be constructed over two storeys using both the LGAK Laser Screed and Copperhead.

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