Off-line? Not for long. Fastrack Joint Repairs

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Off-line? Not for long. Fastrack Joint Repairs

Fastrack joint repairCG Flooring Systems have completed 72 linear metres of our tried and tested concrete joint arris repair detail in one working day.

Our Client had a very small, one day window, for floor maintenance within their busy operational schedule and by using CoGri Rapid Mender, our ultrafast curing repair mortar, we knew we could meet the challenge with confidence.

Automated guided vehicles (AGV) operate within the production area, where they bounced over the wide and damaged joint arris edges (damage evident between the two repairs in adjacent photo), knocking the AGV’s off line as they passed over the joints. As well as impacting on operational performance with the vehicles working at reduced speed, vehicle maintenance increased leading to unbudgeted costs.

Floor joint arris repairAs part of our Arris Repair Detail we replaced the damaged concrete with our fast cure, durable resin repair mortar, reinstating the floor joint at 5mm wide. The repair material is then ground flush with the surrounding floor profile, providing a smooth and bump free ride, over the joints, for the vehicles. As soon as the repairs were complete, the Client ran a vehicle over the new repair to test it out, and they were very pleased with the result. The operation was back up and running in the evening, with the AGV’s at optimum speed, only a matter of hours after we arrived on site to start the joint repair work.

The way to get the best advice on how to repair your damaged floor joints, contact an industrial flooring specialist. For further information contact CG Flooring Systems on 01484 600085.

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