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The CoGri Group of companies is strategically focused on multiple sectors of the global economy.

Our highly skilled and dedicated team help deliver industry-leading warehouse flooring solutions supported by advanced, innovative engineering systems and processes.

With offices in 14 countries, CoGri Group is a global leader which employs over 200 highly qualified members of staff. Headquartered in the United Kingdom, we rely on a global strategy and a solid management structure to unite and expand our footprint.

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Whatever operational problems your warehouse floor is causing, the CoGri Group can provide the most appropriate solution.


Our UK based services comprise of four operating companies, Concrete Grinding Ltd, Face Consultants Ltd , CG Flooring Systems Ltd and CoGri Engineering Ltd plus partners in Mainland Europe.

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Face Consultants Ltd

Formed in 1994, Face Consultants is an independent floor testing organisation using the latest digital measuring equipment to survey and test floors to meet flatness specifications. A variety of other floor testing services are available including, slip resistance testing, abrasion resistance testing, relative humidity testing, cover meter surveys etc.

Face Consultants also offer detail designing of floors as well as providing advice on buildability and longevity.

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Concrete Grinding Ltd

Formed in 1989, Concrete Grinding specialise in upgrading concrete floors in warehouse and distribution centres which consist of very narrow aisles / narrow aisles.

Concrete Grinding has a wide range of grinding solutions to suit their clients from Ultraflat floor grinding to bespoke tolerance grinding.

Their unique laser grinding system is built, tested and developed in-house.

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CG Flooring Systems Ltd

Formed in 2000, CG Flooring Systems are leading experts in concrete floor repairs and refurbishments in commercial and industrial environments.

With their tried and tested systems there is no need to replace an existing floor – they cover everything from re-surfacing of worn out floors to joint repairs and stabilising.

CG Flooring Systems offers a range of floor repair and maintenance products which are easily applied and are available to buy at a competitive price.

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CoGri Engineering Ltd

Formed in 2019, in order to separate the product development and sales side of the business from Face Consultants, CoGri Engineering design and manufacture specialist floor testing equipment. Focusing on digital floor flatness testing profilers, they supply and hire out testing equipment to customers and partners around the world.

CoGri Engineering continue to push the boundaries of floor flatness testing and launch specialist testing equipment into the market.

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Through Face Consultants and Eurostick, we provide the following independent industrial flooring services within Europe.

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Face Consultants
Sp. Z O.O.

Face Consultants Sp. Z O.O. was formed in 2020 as the need for industrial floor design, surveying, testing, and consultancy services increased throughout Poland and central Europe.

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Face Consultants GmbH

Face Consultants GmbH was formed in 2022 to expand the renowned design, testing, surveying, and consultancy flooring services provided in the UK across Germany and surrounding areas.

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Eurostick, S.L.

Eurostick, S.L. is a joint venture between the CoGri Group and Qualidal. Formed in 2022, it provides industrial flooring design, consultancy, and testing services for warehouses and G2P robotics in Spain.

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All the services offered by our UK companies are available in the USA via CoGri USA Inc.

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CoGri USA Inc.

CoGri USA was established in order to provide the Group’s specialised industrial / commercial warehouse flooring services to the American market. The solutions available include floor repair and refurbishment, very narrow aisle grinding and design, testing, floor surveying & sales.

CoGri USA brings the high-quality flooring solutions associated with the CoGri Group to our clients in the US.

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We operate throughout Asia where in addition to our usual flooring services, we also offer specialist floor construction design and build services.

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CoGri Asia Ltd

CoGri Asia has changed its name since it was launched in 1993 as Concrete Grinding Asia Pacific, but still provides the same excellent floor design, construction, and refurbishment services as ever.

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Face Consultants S.E.A

Face Consultants operate throughout south-east Asia, testing, surveying, and designing floors for warehouses, distribution centres, manufacturing units, and other industrial facilities.

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CoGri Korea Co Ltd

Initially founded in 2000, CoGri Korea delivers high-quality, cost-effective solutions for the design, construction, and remediation of industrial floors throughout East Asia.

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Middle East

Through CoGri Middle East LLC, we bring our superior warehouse flooring services (including high tolerance floor construction) to the Middle East region.

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CoGri Middle East LLC

Located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, CoGri Middle East has been providing industrial and commercial floor construction and upgrading services to the region since 2011.

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Face Middle East FZC

Founded in 2007, Face Middle East, also based in Dubai, offers industrial concrete floor design, testing, and surveying solutions to warehouses and other facilities in the UAE.

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Throughout Australia and New Zealand, CoGri’s top of the range concrete flooring solutions are available to help our customers maximise their warehouse floor efficiency.

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CoGri Australia PTY Ltd

Established in July 2007, CoGri Australia Pty Ltd was formed to serve the Australian and New Zealand warehouse markets with the specialist concrete flooring services already perfected by our other companies around the world.

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Face Consultants PTY Ltd

Face Consultants PTY Ltd

Face Consultants Pty Ltd was also established in July 2007, providing independent floor flatness testing and surveying for Australasia, plus, other testing services such as abrasion resistance, surface gloss, and surface resistivity testing, amongst others.

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Face Consultants New Zealand

Face Consultants New Zealand

As demand for the flooring services provided by Face Consultants Australia grew, the decision to form Face Consultants New Zealand was taken in February 2023, to better provide our world-renowned industrial floor design, consultancy, testing, and surveying services to the region.

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Our first-class flooring solutions are available across Africa via CoGri Royal (PTY) Ltd.

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CoGri Royal (PTY) Ltd

CoGri Africa, based in Gauteng, South Africa, offers a full range of industrial flooring services throughout the continent, from design, testing, and construction, to refurbishment and repair.

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The CoGri Group, a leading international specialist in concrete flooring, with offices throughout the world.

The CoGri Group, a leading international specialist in concrete flooring, with offices on every continent throughout the world

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