CG Facilitates Major Warehouse Conversion

December 1, 2008

Concrete Grinding Ltd completed a large warehouse flooring conversion project in Kuwait for an electronic retailer. Alghanim Electronics is part of a privately owned international group of companies providing goods and services throughout the Gulf Corporation Council (GCC) area and Sub Continent.

The warehouse had an existing wide aisle double deep racking installation, which needed to be transformed into a VNA facility.

As the warehouse was required to be kept operational throughout the development, the project required meticulous planning, where work would progress in 5 stages.

These included:

  • Racking modification
  • Floor flatness survey
  • Joint repairs
  • Laser Grinding
  • Wire guidance installation

The double deep racking was split to form the narrow aisles. Once the racking was repositioned, CG was able to commence work on each new aisle. The racking modification was handled by Alghanim so CG was able to work directly with the client, offering maximum flexibility, working to timescales and deadlines.

Each new aisle way was then surveyed by Face Consultants, to identify the areas that were not compliant with the desired DM2 specification. This meant that only the non-compliant sections of aisle way were to be ground using the Laser Grinder®, which in turn, reduced not only the time spent in each aisle, but also the cost to the client.

Before performing any Laser Grinding, CG repaired 5 steel armoured joints per aisle, removing the steel and reinstating the joints with an extremely durable epoxy mortar application.

Keeping to strict schedules, CG utilised 2 Laser Grinding Teams, working on a double shift rotation. In total, 30 narrow aisles approximately 119m long were laser ground for full compliance to the TR34 Appendix C specification, totalling over 3.5km (2.2 miles). Once complete, each aisle was then surveyed again by Face Consultants to prove full compliance with the DM2 specification.

The installation of the wire guidance system was managed and co-ordinated by the CG team. To minimise down time, the wire guidance was installed in 4 separate phases, meaning that once several aisles were completed, these were handed over to the client for immediate occupation.

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