Record Breakers…AGAIN!

October 16, 2015

AusRecordCoGri Australia has set another company record for a concrete repair.

A  giant food distribution centre in Sydney’s West had major spalling damage to their external concrete exit drive way.

In a site that operates 24/7, every day with exception of Christmas day, it wasn’t possible close off the road for the repairs to be completed, so it was an obstacle that CoGri Australia has to work around.

“We had to carry our two repairs to the Type 6 repair detail” said Glenn Powell of CoGri Australia. “A type 6 repair is minimum 600mm wide and full depth of the slab. New dowels are drilled and installed, and in this instance the repairs were 16m long and 9m long which spanned the exit drive way of the facility.”

As the drive way could not be shut down, a plan was drawn up to split the repairs into two halves which would allow the standard size articulated lorries though whilst restricting the B-doubles. However, this could only be done on a Sunday morning between 5am and 2pm (nine hours) for stage one and 9am to 2pm for stage two (five hours). After these times, all restriction on the size of the trucks would have to resume to normal.

“Concrete typically takes 3 days to acheive minimum strength and seven days to be trafficked” said Mr Powell. “However as time was not a luxury we had on this project, we sourced a specialised concrete mix that could be mixed on-site and rapidly set to allow it to be trafficked after just 3 hours!  Stage one and day one was the largest time window we had, so a small team managed to finish all of the 9m strip and half of the second 16m strip.”

It was a great result by CoGri Australia, who returned the following Sunday to finish the final half of the second strip, and complete another great job in record time.

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