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December 10, 2013

Concrete Grinding Ltd was awarded an assignment in Bük, Hungary, to put right a flooring project where another company had failed to deliver the precise floor flatness requirements.

Unfortunately this type of contract is not unusual for us, as there are very few flooring contractors who can demonstrate a full understanding and proficiency in VNA floor grinding. We have proven over the last two decades that our expertise and experience in VNA floor upgrade is second to none.

Jungheinrich (JH) wire guided narrow aisle trucks were selected for the new warehouse facility and JH had recommended a local company to carry out defined movement surveying and grinding. JH proposed the VDMA Guideline specification for their trucks, however, the local company did not understand the VDMA Guideline and recommended using the American Fmin specification that they were familiar with instead. Manual grinding was then carried out by the local company.

Upon testing the JH trucks, the client, a world leading brand in pet care products, was unhappy with their performance as the trucks were swaying in the aisles, they could not access some of the pallet positions, and the ride quality was very poor. During the course of the client’s internal conversations about how to rectify the problem, Concrete Grinding Ltd was mentioned due to the successful grinding work we carried out for them in Mantova, Italy in 2008, where we worked with our partner, Trimmer S.r.l. to Laser Grind 18 aisles at 110meters long to the DIN 15185 specification.

Before we proceeded, Face Consultants were commissioned to carry out a survey according to the VDMA Guideline. Results showed that only 50% of the total aisle length met with the transverse and longitudinal requirements. We advised the client we could grind only the areas out of specification to minimise costs. However, for their own peace of mind, the client requested the full length of the aisles were ground to ensure the best possible result and to fully remove the sub-standard work carried out the local company.

With reduced confidence after the local company’s disappointing delivery, the client asked us to grind a test aisle to verify our competency. The client tested their truck in the aisle and was very satisfied with the result. We were then commissioned to carry out corrective grinding in the rest of the aisles; using the Laser Grinder® XPT, we carried out 3 wheel track grinding to 10 aisles of varying lengths (692m total) to the VDMA Guideline. The Laser Grinder® XPT was recommended for this project as it could achieve ULTRAFLAT floor profiles to exceptionally tight tolerances, that far exceed the limits of current international standards. The project completed to deadline.

An Engineering Manager added, “The poor standard of work by the local contractor resulted in some setbacks to our project schedule and we needed someone who was capable of providing a responsive and a first-class solution to help us get back on track. Concrete Grinding Ltd certainly did that for us. We were very impressed with the laser grinding process, the team’s knowledge, professionalism, and their commitment to the project. The service provided by Concrete Grinding Ltd from start to finish was flawless and fast, since it was incredibly fast compared to other techniques. We are very pleased with the overall results and would recommend using Concrete Grinding Ltd for future work.”

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