Smart Slab Reinstatement

December 1, 2012

The Face Consultants design team has devised a bespoke and cost saving solution for a slab reinstatement to a freezer store in South East Asia.

The client wanted to extend their freezer store which had a 90m long, insulated wall penetrating the slab. Removing the wall would leave a 200mm wide gap between the slabs. To achieve greater tolerance between potentially differing floor levels between slabs, a local engineer submitted a plan to remove a 2m wide strip of slab for the entire length of the wall. This would have incurred demolition costs, new slab construction and reinforcement. Once the slabs were reinstated, the floor would not be serviceable for a minimum of 28 days to allow adequate curing and load capability, thus extending operational downtime.

In contrast, the FACE design team determined that the difference in levels would be minor so they proposed that the slabs be cut with a 50x50mm notch each side of the gap between the slabs. Longitudinal reinforcement and transverse rebar every 450mm could then be installed. Followed by infilling with an epoxy mortar and after curing grinding to provide a smooth transition.

This solution provided cost savings on demolition and new materials, with the biggest saving for the client being that the slab would be able to return to service within a day or two rather than 28 days!

Proposed Plan

Proposed Slab

As the FACE Design team did not know who was going to carry out this work, a full diagrammatic sequence of works was submitted to the client to ensure easy to follow methods of construction and total comprehension.

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