Smoothing out the Bumps for AutoStore™

July 21, 2022

Smoothing Warehouse Floor For Large Sports Fashion Retailers Autostore Installation

About The Client:

Our client, a large sports fashion retailer, dedicated a significant area, in the region of 9,000m2, of their new warehouse facility to the AutoStore system.

AutoStore Floor Flatness Requirements

AutoStore has a very demanding floor flatness specification, which is required to enable the system to operate at its optimum level.

The Situation:

AutoStore System
1. AutoStore System

Surveying the Floor for AutoStore

The first step was for Face Consultants, to survey the floor to check for compliance with the specification. This was carried out using their laser-guided Robotics Profileograph to measure the floor.

The results of the flatness survey highlighted where the floor was non-compliant, where any measurement on any line surveyed exceeded the permissible limits.

A review of the results took place to determine the most appropriate and cost-effective solution to bring the floor within compliance for AutoStore.

The Solution:

Floor Remediation Considerations

We have multiple solutions available to remediate the floor, however, a primary driver in the decision-making process is the condition of the floor slab and how it measures up against the flatness specification. Other important factors considered are budget and programme.

Corrective Grinding for Compliant Floors

Corrective Grinding For AutoStore
2. Corrective Grinding For AutoStore

On this occasion, corrective grinding was the best solution and once on site the team identified the extent of the errors where the floor was non-compliant.

Working to our standard process, the team followed a set path, as determined by the construction programme, to deliver a compliant floor on schedule.

Remediating Concrete Floors to Meet Robotic Specifications

Remediating Concrete Floor For Robotics
3. Remediating Concrete Floor

Just like concrete industrial floors, not all robotics or automated systems are designed and built to the same specification. There is a multitude of design variations available for both
floors and robotics. Understanding how to align the robot specification with a new or existing concrete floor is where specialist services and expertise is required.

Part of the CoGri Group, CG Flooring Systems is a leading specialist in the remediation of concrete floors to meet demanding specifications. Working in tandem with Face Consultants, global leaders in floor flatness compliance testing, we have a team with the knowledge and skill to deliver the floor to meet your robotics needs.

The Results:

Delivering a Complete Flooring Service

We were delighted to have been appointed by our client for this project and to demonstrate our ability to deliver a full floor remediation package. From the initial surface regularity checks through to corrective grinding to achieve compliance with the flatness and levelness specification and the ability to undertake any repairs required.

As the implementation of warehouse automation and robotic systems continues to gather pace, so does the need to have a flat and level floor for these systems to operate on. A floor that is flat and level will provide the best possible platform for robotic systems to operate at maximum efficiency. Thus, a key element in supporting the customer’s investment in warehouse automation.

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