VNA Floor Grinding Success in South Africa

March 1, 2012

Concrete Grinding Ltd (CG) has successfully completed two grinding projects in South Africa, in collaboration with regional partner Royal Consulting Services (Pty) Ltd.

Following Profileograph surveys carried out at both sites by Royal Consulting Services (Pty) Ltd, CG found that the facilities required full length grinding to all aisles.

Working directly for the client, CG shipped the Laser Grinder® and associated equipment from the UK to the client’s premises in the Western Cape. A total 1,056 metres in 34 aisles – spread across 3 warehouse sections – was to be ground to TR34 Category 1 specification. CG carried out 2 wheel track grinding to the full length of every aisle to suit 4 wheeled BT Toyota trucks.

Grinding work commenced here while the facility near Johannesburg, 900 miles from the premises in Western Cape, was being cleared and prepared for upgrade from block stacking to VNA racking. As soon as access was available, the unit was shipped up by road and, on arrival, grinding operations got under way immediately. At this site, double cut grinding was carried out to the full length of every aisle, again to suit BT Toyota trucks. The standard track widths created by the Laser Grinder® are 300mm, 380mm or 400mm depending upon the track width required for VNA forklift truck wheels. In this case, however, the BT truck wheels were wider than could be accommodated in a standard track width, so the Laser Grinder® made two passes along each aisle to grind the 2 wheel tracks to 485mm wide. This demonstrates the adaptability of the Laser Grinding system to suit any type of VNA truck. Grinding work was completed in late 2011 to the TR34 Superflat specification to 16 aisles of totalling 1,152 metres concurrent with the installation of racking. CG then returned to the site in the Western Cape to complete the project.

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