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November 9, 2015

Amazon LogoCoGri Group is a family of international warehouse and industrial floor solution specialists, who have over a quarter of a century of experience in the design, surveying, grinding and upgrading of industrial concrete floors.

They are global leaders in the industrial flooring industry, and are made up of three separate companies:

Cogri Group Companies

  • Concrete Grinding – floor flatness and laser grinding specialists
  • Face Consultants – experts in the design, surveying and testing of floors
  • CG Flooring Systems – the leading name in floor upgrades and repairs.

The three companies operate as separate entities, but on occasions come together to deliver a CoGri floor, which is fast becoming recognised as the best industrial floor in the business.

Within the last twelve months, online retailers Amazon changed a racking area in one of their UK Distribution Centres from wide aisle to very narrow aisle.  To assist them on the project, all three companies from CoGri Group came together to offer a seamless service from beginning to end, relieving Amazon of the effort and worry of the communication and logistics that you can get when using separate companies.

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