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To provide clients in the UK and overseas with access to the best concrete flooring technology, we ensure a fleet of Laser Grinders, a family of FACE Digital floor flatness measuring devices and numerous advanced floor construction equipment including Laser Screed floor construction machines are strategically stationed all over the world.

In our quest for flawless floors, the Group continues to innovate and constantly develop our flooring technology and systems to allow us to meet the demands of the industry. Latest developments include the next generation laser guided concrete floor grinding machine, the Laser Grinder ® XPT and the FACE All-in-one Profileograph, both of which are guaranteed to achieve all international defined movement floor flatness specifications; TR34 & TR34 Appendix C, ACI Fmin, DIN 15185, EN 15620 and VDMA Guideline.

Our proactive approach to innovation, determination and commitment means that we have been able to maintain the integrity of our position as world leaders in our field.

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