VNA Grinding for Middle East Alcoholic Drinks Distributor

September 27, 2016

cgme-african-eastern1 VNA GrindingThe alcoholic beverage sector has seen exponential growth in U.A.E. Companies are being lured by the vast youth population and large expatriate community (88% of the 10 million population) whose taste for alcohol remains undaunted by the restrictions imposed on drinkers. The premises, located in Dubai is currently one of only two alcoholic distribution companies in the UAE.

Tom Hanks, General Manager of CoGri Middle East says, “African & Eastern have around 300 staff, 26 retail shops and they distribute through hotels and restaurants too, they are actually the largest beverage retailer in the region”

When it came to looking for premises to lease in Dubai they reached out to GAC; the Dubai-based 3PL and shipping agency. The previous incumbent of the warehouse had been a paper distributor with an open plan warehouse storage facility. This type of storage operation wouldn’t have met the demands of an FMCG beverage business with over 1000+ SKUS.

DM2 Specification

VNA racking had been installed at the warehouse, and CGME ground the floor to help the VNA trucks to operate safely and efficiently. The DM2 flatness specification that was met made sure that the business was compliant. In total 11 aisles each of 35m in length was ground, using the latest Laser Grinding technology.

Reputation, Price, Flexibility…

“They contacted us in March and we completed within the same month which shows the great turnaround speed and flexibility to deliver on this project,” Tom said. “We get jobs from a range of clients from direct end users, racking and truck contractors, to main contractors. The reason they choose us is because of our reputation, price, availability, flexibility and the confidence in us when holding technical discussions”.

Tom continued: “When we arrived on site we discovered that guide rails had already been fitted to the racking. This was a minor setback and a challenge we had to react to and overcome using our experience. The guide rails had to be removed so the grinding could incorporate the rails and the VNA material handling equipment. We often face challenges on projects and we always rise to the occasion, this job was no exception.”

The project took three weeks to deliver and the floor was handed back to the client on an aisle by aisle basis. All other VNA’s remained operational whilst the work was completed. This allowed the business to operate the warehouse as usual with no disruption. By the end of March, the operation had arrived at completion.

“Based on our positive working relationship, we’ve been awarded more work from the client” Tom added.

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