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October 16, 2017

After Fastfloor IT Applied
CG Flooring Systems have recently completed the upgrade of a warehouse floor for their client at the Magna Park complex in Lutterworth. At 21,500m2 it was a fantastic project to be involved in, not just because of the substantial size of the floor area, but also for the technical challenges it presented.

The floor slab was cast in 2006 and of a steel fibre reinforced concrete construction, with only one tenant operating out of the building in its 10 year history. On first viewing, it was clear the warehouse had two distinct parts to its previous operation; a mezzanine deck located to one side and a very narrow aisle (VNA) operation to the other. The upgrading of the floor was a significant part of the overall refurbishment package to get the building ready to market for prospective new tenants.

Part of the challenge was to provide a floor solution that was not only technically proficient but also appealing to the eye. Once the racking and mezzanine decks were removed, it highlighted the extent of the repair works. Which included, the in-filling of 1,179m of VNA ground paths, repairs to 145 mezzanine column pads and repairing some significant cracks where the load transfer capability of the slab had been compromised.

Before Fastfloor IT Applied
After a consolidated period of discussions with the client to explore possible solutions, including applied samples on site, it was decided that the preferred solution was to carry out repairs to identified areas, prior to the re-surfacing of the floor using CoGri’s Fastfloor IT Industrial Pump Screed system. A resin coating system was also to be applied at the two loading dock areas.

As the floor slab was a steel fibre construction, care had to be taken on how to repair the significant cracks and ultimately restore positive load transfer, without creating potential issues for a future occupier. We approached FACE Consultants for advice and their design team came up with a repair detail to fit the bill. The damaged concrete was removed and replaced with new concrete, with a dowel system installed to restore positive load transfer to an overall area of 395m2. With all repair works complete, the pumping of Fastfloor IT was completed in 16 days, leaving a smooth and durable floor finish.

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