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December 1, 2009

Sanofi Aventis is one of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies who discover, develop and distribute therapeutic solutions to help improve the lives of people throughout the globe. The floor within the aisles at their UK Distribution Centre in Chapeltown, Sheffield was in need of an upgrade to better support their operational requirements.

In June 2009 Concrete Grinding Ltd, a member of the CoGri Group of companies, who have previously worked for Sanofi Aventis in Europe and the UK, began the liaison process with the Warehouse Operations, Facilities and HSE Manager at the Distribution Centre (DC). The DC has 37 Very Narrow Aisles with the vast majority of the aisles having a concrete surface, however, within 5 of the aisles a soft screed overlay was present. It was proposed to upgrade the aisles by a combination of Laser Grinding and the application of FASTFLOOR – IT in the aisles with the soft screed overlay.

Application of FASTFLOOR -ITThe first phase was to remove the soft screed overlay and replace with FASTFLOOR – IT industrial wearing screed. Concrete Grinding called in CG Flooring Systems, specialists in this type of industrial floor refurbishment, to assist on this phase. Despite a relatively small area of 540m2 for the 5 aisles in total, it was a demanding project, not just technically but also in planning and resource management. The window of opportunity was limited to working over 3 weekends and time was not on our side. The challenge was set and the game was afoot!

Core samples were taken which provided an indication on the amount of material to be removed and subsequently replaced with the new flooring system. The process began with saw cutting along either side of the aisle, as this progressed down each aisle, the team began to erect a tenting system within the aisle in order to enclose and isolate the working area from the remainder of the warehouse. Once the tent was completed, the soft screed was removed by road planer, then the exposed concrete underneath was mechanically cleaned by shot-blasting. The FASTFLOOR – IT base system was then pump applied to levels set and controlled by Face Consultants to ensure the required tolerance was met. FASTFLOOR – IT Industrial Wearing System was then pump applied at a thickness of 10mm. Once the screed had received its initial cure, the final requirements were to reinstate the existing floor joints and the installation of the wire guidance system which was carried out by Concrete Grinding Ltd.

All work was completed on time, within a weekend for each allocated section and with minimum disruption to the clients’ normal operational pattern. The success of this project can be attributed to a number of factors; appointing a specialist industrial flooring contractor whose knowledge, experience and understanding of concrete floors is invaluable; the teamwork, dedication and commitment of the skilled Technicians and Team Leaders on site to deliver the quality product the client deserves. However, undoubtedly the key enabler to success in this instance was the strong relationship forged between the clients’ representative on site and the contractor through good open and honest communication. A good communication path does not detract from all the hard work and effort put in by all parties during this phase of the project, it only enhances it.

This contract demonstrates not only the professionalism of Concrete Grinding, CG Flooring Systems and Face Consultants , it proves we understand the clients’ operational commitments and we have the ability to deliver a quality solution within a sensitive pharmaceutical warehouse.

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