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March 1, 2014

Face Consultants Australia continues to grow and again this year they have been busier than ever with various on-site supervising roles including the construction of a huge steel fibre floor in Perth for one of Australia’s leading logistics supply chain provider.

Constructing industrial warehouse slabs has many challenges, from perfecting the design, through to the concrete used, getting it right on-site, placing, and finishing the slab.

Face Consultants have been able to bring a level of assurance and peace of mind to the client by supervising and inspecting independently, to ensure the highest level of attention to detail is followed. All too often we see a level of complacency with on-site preparation. Detailing around column isolation for example is often poor and inadequate, rendering the isolation completely useless.  Poor isolation can often end with uncontrolled cracking. Through good on-site Q&A, a lot of issues can be eliminated resulting in better outcome overall for everyone involved. Face independent on-site services helps the client, main contractor, flooring contractor and end user of the warehouse deliver a superior product of the highest quality.

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