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Cometh the Floor, Cometh the Resin Solution…

Polyurethane (PU) ScreedCG Flooring Systems have been busy over the last few months, completing a variety of different resin floor projects. Demonstrating there is a resin floor solution available to suit most industrial environments.

The installation of a heavy duty 9mm thick polyurethane (PU) floor screed in the food preparation and servery area, of a renowned fish and chip restaurant near Wakefield. Having invested in new state of the art fish fryer the Client took the opportunity to upgrade the floor before the arrival of the new equipment.

With a record of longevity, the new PU floor system, complete with coved skirting, has a textured finish that is easy to clean and maintain, providing a safe, low maintenance and durable surface, ideally suited for a busy restaurant.

Epoxy Floor Coating

Epoxy High Build Floor CoatingAt a new community renewable energy facility near Sheffield, we applied an epoxy high build floor coating, including an anti-slip system for the yellow walkways, in three of the plant rooms. Whilst the coating offers protection to the concrete floor slab, the inclusion of the safety walkway provides clear demarcation for the safety of the clients personnel when carrying out their duties.

The big challenge here was to ensure correct and detailed surface preparation of the substrate was carried out, working around the fixed plant.

“It was testament to the skill and attention to detail of our technicians, to deliver a great job for our client in such a demanding environment,” said Alan Yuill, Director at CG Flooring Systems. At the time of writing we are waiting to return to site and carry out similar works in another area of the facility.

Decorative Resin Floor Screed

Decorative Resin Floor ScreedWe were approached by one of our clients, for whom we had previously carried out joint repairs to their warehouse floor, about the installation of a decorative resin floor screed for an area where new equipment is to situated. A leading supplier of enclosures, power distribution, climate control, IT infrastructure and software services for a host of industries, they have made significant investment in new equipment for their site in Rotherham.

Their desire was to have a new floor that will enhance the room where the new equipment is located, giving them a facility where they can bring prospective clients for demonstrations.

The Client was looking for a resin floor similar to one they have at their European head office. We listened to our clients ideas and working with our material supplier we put samples together, eventually coming up with a solution the Client was after; a 3mm thick self-smoothing epoxy resin screed with a partial scatter of decorative flakes.

The end result is a new floor our client is really pleased with and one they are happy to show off to future visitors. It was a project “we were delighted to be involved with” said Alan Yuill, “and like the client, we were also pleased with the outcome.”

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