CoGri China at Transport Logistics China 2016

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CoGri China at Transport Logistics China 2016

tlC 2016 transport logisticsCoGri China and Face Consultants China co-exhibited  at the Transport Logistics China show for the first time between 14th and 16th June.

The event; based in Shanghai, is a three-day trade show which had 602 exhibitors, and attracted 22, 000 visitors.

Attracting attention to the CoGri China stand was information around the patented Laser Grinder®, invented by CoGri Group which provides a green VNA upgrading solution.  Face Consultants also showed off digital floor flatness measuring devices, designed and manufactured by themselves and to huge interest of the visitors.

The team also chatted to visitors about their leading, worldwide concrete flooring experience, their technical expertise, as well as a wide range of high quality cost effective solutions to problems.


CoGri, Face Consultants and Bekaert also held a seminar at the event called “The Future of Logistics Flooring in China: Joint-Free SFRC FOP and SOG Solutions”.

This seminar focused on the methodology and benefits of choosing CoGri for all concrete flooring needs, and global case studies of Joint-free SFRC were presented to more than 40 industrial attendees, who were impressed by CoGri’s proven experience and total solution of ‘Design-Construct-Insure’.

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