BCI Equinox Kuala Lumpur, Zebra Square

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BCI Equinox Kuala Lumpur, Zebra Square

BCI Equinox EventIn earlier March this year, we had a booth at the Equinox event organized by BCI and it was a success in Singapore.

BCI Equinox is a series of evening boutique exhibitions held across Asia designed to connect architects, interior designers, design specifiers and product suppliers.

With the March event being a success we decided to sign up for another booth with BCI in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in August.

Our Marketing representative, Jessie, had travelled to Kuala Lumpur along with three representatives from CoGri Asia (from left to right): Ariffin, Gary and Dave.

CoGri Representatives

CoGri Asia were able to showcase the work they have carried out alongside informing people on the services they provide throughout Asia.

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