TR34 launches its Chinese version in China

June 15, 2017

TR34 Cover Chinese Language VersionThe national launch of TR34 Chinese language version was held on 6th June in Shanghai and 8th June in Beijing. The release of the TR34 Chinese Language Version was authorised by UK Concrete Society and sponsored by 15 domestic industry-leading companies, aiming to bring in globally recognised publication in china.

CoGri Group has been promoting the use of TR34 in Asia Pacific since 1993 and it is now a well-recognised technical guide on the design and construction of industrial ground floors. More than 280 attendees (170 in Shanghai, 110 in Beijing) from D.I, Logistics were in attendance which included developers, floor contractors, material and machinery suppliers etc.

Kevin Dare gave a keynote speech on the following areas:

  • What is TR34;
  • Why it is a ‘Global Standard for Warehouse Floor Design and Construction;
  • Reasons for needing this standard;
  • The influence on concrete floors in China; and
  • The purpose of introducing TR34 in China.

Also in attendance was key speakers from NDRI No2 Architecture Institute (Design Institute), Logos Logistics Consultancy (Developer) alongside SSI Schaefer (Warehouse Systems) and Shanghai Geotechnical Investigations & Design Institute also presented their own views on the need for good quality concrete floors, the challenges they have had and the difference between the current situation versus the TR34 guidance.

Kevin Louch gave a keynote speech on ‘Industrial Concrete Floor Slabs – Best Practice,’ providing a thorough discussion on how concrete floor has worked in UK from Planning, Construction, site Quality Assurance, Validation Testing to Cleaning and Maintenance.

The launch wrapped up with a Q&A session with Kevin Dare and Kevin Louch (Stanford Industrial Concrete Flooring) advising and giving suggestions to attendees who expressed a strong interest on addressing day-to-day problems and challenges.

The attendees were impressed with how professional and practical TR34 is, and are confident about adapting this into their organisations’ nationally and regionally including their own roles.

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