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Concrete Floors – Failure by Design

CoGri Asia recently hosted a full day seminar in Jakarta, Indonesia discussing “Concrete Floors – Failure by Design”. The seminar covered key trends in the logistics industry in Asia including:

  • E-commerce and the drive for higher density and automated warehouses.
  • The impact a high quality floor can have on the cost of pallet movements in a warehouse – reducing operating costs to make warehousing more profitable.
  • The impact a bad floor with cracking, damaged joints, delamination or a dusty surface can have on reducing profitability by causing disruption and driving up maintenance costs.Seminar-Success-in-Indonesia

Key note speakers Tim Walker (Regional Manager – ASEAN, CoGri Asia) and Kevin Dare (Managing Director, CoGri Group) provided a detailed technical view of “why floors fail and what to do about it”- providing a template for designing and constructing world class floors in Indonesia:

  • Carefully addressing ground conditions and client loading briefs to avoid unexpected disasters and pick the right structural system for the floor.
  • Designing for a higher level of serviceability and minimising the restraint on the floor to reduce and mitigate cracking.
  • Detailing joints with Armour Joint systems as a simple and cost effective way to reduce maintenance costs.
  • Paying attention to concrete mix design to produce higher quality surfaces that don’t require dry shake floor hardeners to produce durable and dust free surfaces.
  • Selecting the right flatness specification for a project – considering the needs of different logistics systems like Selective Pallet and VNA racking – and testing what you specify.
  • Casting floors in a controlled environment after the roof and cladding are in place to help ensure a high quality floor.

“The event was very well received” said Kevin Dare. “We got some great questions from the participants, and it helped people to realise that they could use a different approach and make some simple changes to the way that floors are designed and constructed in order to achieve a better result. That’s exactly what we set out to do. We’d like to thank everyone who attended and helped to make the day a success.”

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