Filling the Void With Rapid Seal 75

September 1, 2021

Cleaned Floor Crack Ready for Repair with CoGri Rapid Seal 75

About The Client

CG Flooring Systems were contacted by our customer, a contractor with a high-profile client base working in several sectors such as Education, Commercial, Retail, Travel and many more.

Operating from both the UK and the Far East, they are focused on exceeding customer relations and enhancing their reputation through trust, honesty, and integrity.

Their client, a leader in the global automotive industry, recently contacted them expressing concerns over cracks that appeared in an area of their vehicle storage facility. Repairs were required to prevent any further deterioration of the crack arrisses (edges) and the possibility of increased dusting in the trafficked areas.

The Situation

Specialists in Floor Slab Crack Repair

Repaired Concrete Floor Crack
1. Repaired Concrete Floor Crack

As specialists in the repair of concrete warehouse floor slabs, CG Flooring Systems were asked to assess the cracks and provide a solution. After inspection it was decided that the floor area, on a mezzanine level, was in good condition. Also, that the cracks were not considered to be structural and would not affect the ability of the slab to carry its designed load.

With CG Flooring Systems being the perfect fit to carry out the project, open communication with the client helped us to understand what they were looking for. It was decided that CoGri Rapid Seal 75 would be the best solution to fill the void. This repair material is rapid curing, hard wearing, but flexible enough to cope with some movement within the slab. It can also be finished flush with the surrounding floor surface, without needing to grind the material down.

The Solution and Results

The Ideal Crack Repair

This solution helped return the floor to a serviceable condition, providing a neat finish that will significantly reduce the risk of damage to the arrisses of the cracks from hard wheeled vehicles in the future.

CG Flooring Systems also provide a wide range of other concrete floor repair services which include:

  • Joint RepairRestoration of the joint arrisses.
  • Joint ResealReplacing defective sealant to protect arris edges.
  • Other RepairsSurface repair, Patch repair, Bolt Top off, Bolt Removal and many more.

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