Floor Grinding Goes Globe Trotting

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Floor Grinding Goes Globe Trotting

Concrete Grinding Narrow AisleConcrete Grinding have been flat out (pun intended!) over the last few months, with many VNA floor grinding projects completed around the globe. Some highlights include;

Four projects at an online retail giant; two in the UK, one in Spain through our partner Eurostick S.L. and one ongoing in Italy through our partner Trimmer S.r.l. The UK sites were ground in three-wheel tracks to suit Crown VNA trucks, the overseas sites whole aisle width to suit any VNA truck type.

Two projects in Belgium; the first for a packaging company who were expanding their warehouse. Two-wheel track grinding was carried out to suit Jungheinrich VNA trucks.

The second, at the warehouse of a professional audio equipment installation company, who wanted to future proof their aisles for any type of VNA truck by having the whole width ground.

A drive-in racking project required two trips to Oregon, USA to grind the extremely narrow aisles flat for a large dairy company. Our Laser Grinder machine can fit in aisles as narrow as 1.1m.

Concrete Grinding Crew
Back in the UK, two grinding crews were deployed to the new distribution center of a specialist warehousing and distribution business. This latest addition to their warehouse portfolio required a large number of aisles to be ‘manually’ ground to suit the requirements of the Linde VNA trucks.

At the time of writing we have six projects ongoing and a strong order book for the remainder of the year, with work coming up in Europe, Asia and America. This looks set to continue in to next year, with a number of projects already confirmed.

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