A Large and Challenging Warehouse Floor Refurbishment Project

November 27, 2017

Large Warehouse Floor Refurbishment

About The Client

CG Flooring Systems were delighted to be awarded a recent project, repairing and refurbishing a warehouse floor for their client as part of a dilapidations schedule on a site in Magna Park, Lutterworth.

At 21,500m2 the floor area was both substantial and technically challenging, making it a great project to be involved in.

The Situation:

Floor Before Refurbishment
1. Floor Before Refurbishment.

One Previous Tenant Only

The warehouse was 10 years old with only one tenant operating within the building during this period. It was clear from our initial site survey that there had been two distinct parts to the previous tenant’s operation; a mezzanine deck located at one side of the building and a very narrow aisle (VNA) operation on the other.

Our survey highlighted a significant amount of work including in-filling 1,179m of VNA ground paths, over 13,000 bolt fixings, 100m of steel removal, repairing mezzanine column pads and dealing with some significant cracks where the effective load transfer capability of the slab had been lost.

The Solution and Results:

Finished PU Floor Screed
2. Finished Refurbishment.


Following a period of open communication with our client to explore possible solutions, the preferred option was for repairs to be undertaken to identified areas, followed by the application of CoGri FASTFLOOR-IT Industrial Wearing Screed across the entire floor area. CoGri FASTFLOOR-IT provides adurable and smooth finish that achieves AR 0.5 Special Class for abrasion resistance (BS 8204:part 1), making it ideal for heavy duty warehouse environments. CoGri Water Based Epoxy Resin coating was also to be applied at the two loading dock areas for the provision of a matt finish the Client was looking for.

Essential Repair Detail for Wide Floor Cracks

Due to the floor slab being of steel fibre construction, it was essential the correct repair detail was chosen for the significant, wide cracks. Failure to understand the floor construction and how it could be used operationally had the potential to cause issues for the future tenant. We, therefore, sought the advice of FACE Consultants, whose design team came up with a robust repair detail to fit the bill. Damaged concrete was removed and replaced with new, including the installation of dowel bars to provide positive load transfer between the new and old sections of floor slab.

Once the repair works were complete, the surface was mechanically cleaned and primed ready to receive CoGri FASTFLOOR-IT floor screed. The screed was pump applied over 16 days, providing a durable surface that is aesthetically pleasing.

Durable and Dependable Crack Repair and Floor Refurbishment

With many years of experience in the refurbishment, repair and applied finishes for warehouse and other industrial floor slabs, CG Flooring Systems have an in-depth understanding of both the concrete floor and the processes required to make it suitable for their client’s intended purpose. In this case, they were able to deliver a hard-wearing and low-maintenance solution, perfectly suited to their client.

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