A Highly Polished Floor for a Body Armour Customer

November 17, 2020

Gloss Finish Polished Concrete Floor For Body Armour CustomerOur Client, based in Leeds, is a well-established market leader in the provision of body armour to thousands of individuals and businesses across the globe. They recently contacted CG Flooring Systems looking for ideas to refurbish their reception floor; with it being the main entrance to their premises for clients and business associates, they wanted to create a decorative ambience to welcome all in.

Why choose CG Flooring Systems?

As CG Flooring Systems are leading specialists in the upgrade and repair of concrete industrial floor slabs, this appeared to be a good fit for both companies. We were delighted to be involved with another major player in their specialist field.

Working alongside our client

Looking to enhance the appearance of the concrete floor in the reception and staff canteen areas, a polished concrete finish was what was desired. After listening to what our Client was looking for, a variety of on-site samples were carried out before our CoGri Premium Finish was chosen.

Exposed Aggregate Finish
1. Premium Concrete Floor Finish.

CoGri Premium Finish provides an exposed aggregate and gloss finish, as well as offering protection from spillage of liquids. It’s a fabulous flooring option when aesthetics is the overriding requirement, as the polished finish is designed to add a little extra glamour along the way.

Getting the timing right

CGFS pride themselves on their ability to not only choose the right finish for the job, but to also work to the time limits set by our clients. The floor was completed during one visit to site, working around the build programme; leaving 150m2 of polished floor ready for the furniture.

Our in-depth knowledge of concrete floors ensured we were able to deliver a durable, easy to clean and maintain polished concrete solution for our client, supporting their operational requirements in the years to come.

Why choose Polished concrete floors?

Exposed Aggregate Finish
2. Premium Concrete Floor Finish.

Polished concrete floors are low maintenance, environmentally friendly, and durable. The level of shine you wish to achieve can be set through a multi-step process, grinding the concrete surface using abrasive diamonds (a fittingly glamourous product for creating a sophisticated, alluring finish to your public-facing areas in warehouses and industrial units!).

Types of Concrete Floor Finish

CGFS offer three types of concrete finish: Industrial, Commercial, and Premium.

An Industrial finish is, as the name suggests, ideal for large industrial floors requiring a low-gloss, hardwearing, easy to clean and maintain finish. Industrial finishes are great for enhancing the appearance of old floors.

A Commercial finish combines both aesthetics and functionality, providing a mid-gloss finish exposing variable amounts of aggregate for a hardwearing, abrasion resistant, easy to clean and maintain floor which is resistant to spills.

Our Premium finish, has fully exposed aggregate in a decorative, very appealing high-gloss finish – ideal for areas requiring a floor with that extra wow-factor.

Find out how our polished concrete finishes could update your premises and add that extra bit of ‘sparkle’ to areas seen by the people you want to impress the most.

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