Tailoring Floors to Meet the Needs of Automated Warehouses

November 25, 2021

Grey Orange Robots - Tailoring Floors to Meet the Needs of Automated WarehousesMHD Supply Chain magazine recently spoke to our Group MD, Kevin Dare, about bespoke flatness, floor characteristics, and other requirements needed for robotics to perform at their best in automated warehouses.

Australia is now fully embracing the use of automated Materials Handling Equipment, and in doing so, many warehouse owners and operators are realising that the base of their operation, the floor, is just as important as the robotics they chose to employ.

In this article, Kevin explains why a greater emphasis must be placed on the floor if optimum performance, productivity, and cost-efficiency is to be achieved in automated warehouses. He explores how Face Consultants can help bridge the gap between the requirements of robotics manufacturers and the construction industry’s ability to deliver specialised floor specifications.

Read the full article here.

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